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Nothing should be more self-evident than the simple statement that for an election to have legitimacy the counting process must be observable. If the votes are counted in secret “behind a curtain,” it does not matter how or by whom, the results lack legitimacy.

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Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century

Copyright, Truthout.org. Reprinted with permission

Is it futile to combat computerized vote-counting fraud, given the more general disenfranchisement of the American public? This and the emerging battlefield of corporate versus public interest is explored in this adapted excerpt from "CODE RED" by Jonathan D. Simon.

Many despairing observers of The New American Century have asked me whether - given the recent revelations about NSA surveillance, along with other signs that American democracy is deteriorating irrespective of which party governs - an honest vote counting system would even matter anymore. A fair question to which I believe the ultimate, if uneasy, answer is "Yes."

There was a brief glimpse during the Occupy movement of what public anger at American Systemic Injustice might come to if it.. read more

This book cannot be more highly recommended.
- Richard Charnin, author of "Matrix of Deceit"

Afghanistan to Far Surpass USA in Vote Counting Integrity

reprinted from The Daily Kos

John Kerry has insisted that every single ballot be audited in the recent Afghanistan election.

Contrast this with a recent and typical American election in Virginia, in which not a single ballot (or memory card or line of computer code) is counted, audited, or examined by a human being. An election that could be rigged with zero risk for huge reward. An election whose politically seismic result was described by the Times as “unimaginable” but nonetheless accepted on blind faith, not so much as a single eyebrow raised or question asked about the secret vote counting system that produced it. A system that would never in a million years have passed muster in Afghanistan.

Find out why our electoral system is at grave risk and cannot be accepted by the American people as the bedrock protocol of our democracy. Find out why observable vote counting must be part of any plan hoping to address the institutional corruption of our republic.read more..

Q: How do you know the computers on which we vote are so susceptible to fraud?

A: There is virtual unanimity among the experts who have studied electronic voting that insiders or hackers can change the results of elections without leaving a trace—at least not the kind of trace that any election administrator is likely to find. These studies have come from institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Princeton, University of Michigan, The Brennan Center For Social Justice at NYU, the states of California and Ohio, and even the US Government Accountability Office. 12 White-hat hackers such as ...(read more)