CODE RED: Those Are OUR Fucking Ballots! from Dorothy Fadiman on Vimeo.

Nothing should be more self-evident than the simple statement that for an election to have legitimacy the counting process must be observable. If the votes are counted in secret “behind a curtain,” it does not matter how or by whom, the results lack legitimacy.

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Praise for Code Red

Jonathan Simon’s CODE RED is unique, easy-to-understand, and vastly important.
- Andrew Kreig, Justice Integrity Project

As a professional statistician, I found CODE RED’s data, analysis, and conclusions compelling.”
- Dr. Elizabeth Clarkson, Wichita State University

Jonathan Simon’s research is thorough and his case is more than compelling … He has provided an important public service.
- John Zogby, founder of The Zogby Poll

Q: How do you know the computers on which we vote are so susceptible to fraud?

A: There is virtual unanimity among the experts who have studied electronic voting that insiders or hackers can change the results of elections without leaving a trace—at least not the kind of trace that any election administrator is likely to find. These studies have come from institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Princeton, the University of Michigan, The Brennan Center for Social Justice at NYU, the states of California and Ohio, and even the US Government Accountability Office. White-hat hackers such as Harri Hursti and Alex Halderman have demonstrated how quick and easy it is ... Read More